The Brian Rhodes Community Cup

This is presented to an individual who has  made an outstanding contribution to the community of Claygate in the last 12 months.

Parish Councillors vote on the nominations and the winner is announced at the annual Village Meeting.

Nomination criteria

1. The nominator has to live or work in Claygate.

2. The nominator may nominate more than one person.

3. The recipient has to live or work in Claygate.

4. Please ensure the nominee gives permission for their name to be publicised.

5. Sitting Parish, Borough and Surrey County Councillors are ineligible for nomination.

6. The nomination should be made to the Clerk, justifying in no more than 50 words why, and how, the potential recipient has made an outstanding contribution
to the community in Claygate in the past 12 months.

7. Voting will be carried out by secret ballot. If there is no outright winner of the first ballot, a second ballot will be conducted putting forward the names with the most votes. Voting will continue until an outright winner is achieved. In the event of a tie, the Chairman of the Parish Council will have a casting vote.

2023 Brian Rhodes Cup Winner




2004         Jean Griffiths
2005        Jehan & Rukshana Master
2006         Bryan Chapple
2007         Vanessa Relleen
2008         Mark Aulds
2009         Derek Huff
2010        John & Dorothy Baldwin
2011        Carol Manly
2012        Steve Wells
2013        Francis Boff    
2014        Bonnie & Barry Fitzpatrick
2015        Tommy Mills
2016        Albert Boyman
2017        Helen Maguire
2018        Neal Williams
2019        Carol Shorter & Jamie Blake
2020        Ken Huddart
2021        Pippa Cramer
2022        Mary Marshall
2023        Katie Holmes


Revised June 2023