Planning Process

  • The Parish Council Planning Committee meets every 4 weeks to consider applications in the previous 4 week period.

  • These meetings are open to all members of the public and residents are welcome to attend whether or not there is a Planning Application which affects you.

  • If a resident wishes to make representation to the Committee regarding an application they should contact the Clerk in advance of the meeting to book a 3 minute speaking slot.

  • All representations on Applications, whether written or in person, must relate to planning guidelines.  For example height, density, massing of the propose building etc.

  • When making a written representation (either by letter or email) to EBC a copy to the Parish Council is useful.  Your comments may draw attention to an aspect of an application not obvious from the information available to the Parish Council.

  • Most Applications are decided by EBC planning Officers but if residents wish to have it heard in front of EBC East Area Planning Committee they will need at least 15 letters of representation from different addresses.  Alternatively they can speak to their Borough Councillor who may be able to raise it to the East Area committee.

  • If you wish to address the Borough Councillors at East Area you will need to inform the Planning Department.

  • If you wish to look up a submitted plan (or check whether one has been submitted) go to search ‘planning applications’.

October 2019