Communications Working Party

This is an informal working group comprising councillors and co-opted members. They meet to organise and discuss the Parish Council magazine 'Courier', the Parish Council Website and any other matters relationg to communications of information to the eletorate of the village.

Communications Working Party Statement of Intent.

1. To organise an appropriate on going programme of communications which, after being reviewed by the Chairman of the Parish Council and, if appropriate, the Chairman of a Committee: -

a. Keeps the general public informed of council matters, decisions, budgets/expenditure.         

b. Communicates to the public key issues impacting village life.

c. Communicates information about key council meetings and particularly the Annual Parish Meeting.

2. When necessary, after the required reviews, to put in place the necessary communications to inform the electorate of any issue of major concern such as a very contentious planning application.

3. Wherever appropriate, the Press Officer who should be a member of the Communications Team, will seek P R coverage of P C decisions/actions, after the required reviews.

4. Wherever possible to publicise key village events such as the Flower Show or Xmas lights.

5. To publicise the activities/progress of the various village clubs/organisations/schools.

6. To encourage support and use of local shops and businesses.

7. To use the printed publications to leverage the influence of the Parish Council and awareness with higher authorities such as EBC or SCC and also the Police.

8. To promote and support the development of the P C sponsored Village Website.

9. To operate within the predetermined budget limits.

10. To ensure all communications are accurate, honest and respect the laws of libel and slander.

11. To enhance the standing of the Parish Council.

12. To ensure the wellbeing of the network of volunteer distributors by: -

i. Where possible, encouraging other organisations to submit copy for inclusion in the magazine.
ii. Where, for exceptional reasons, a request is received for a leaflet to be included in the distribution of the magazine, there should only be one A4 or A5 leaflet.  Such leaflets will normally be stand alone items, rather than PR or information about an organisation's activities or events, which should normally appear as Courier copy.
iii. Asking distributors to carry out only 4 drops per year, with a fifth drop only in exceptional circumstances.
iv. If no request from the CVA to include a leaflet in the distribution is received, then a request by another group may be accepted.
v. When only 3 Couriers are being published, the CVA will have first refusal on use of a fourth drop.

Adopted 12 Nov 2009 amended May 2010