Claygate Station Footbridge Repairs March 2023

Notice from Network Rail Southern March 2023

During the weekend, Network Rail engineers were conducting strengthening works and safety checks on the footbridge at Claygate railway station. Whilst conducting these works, faults with the strtucture were identified that required us to put the bridge under an emergency closure. 

We are currently workling alongside our contractors to determine what the best option is for the footbridge and access platform to platform. The current diversion is 8 minutes, 0.4 miles, via Hare Lane. There is plenty of signage that has been put out to help people get from platform 1 to 2, and vice versa.

We do appreciate that the current diversion is inconvenient for local residents, and we will be working to ensure that a solution is identified and actioned upon as soon as posisble. There is currently not a known reopen date as we are carrying out further assessments, investigations and optioneering into the best way forward.

We will continue to keep stakeholders and local residents updated moving forward. I will be sending a note to councillors tomorrow. Local residents will be reciving a letter in due course as well.