Draft Local Plan March 2022 Parish Council Statement

Elmbridge Borough Council posted its draft Local Plan on its website on Tuesday, March 8th for a Cabinet meeting on March 16th.
If approved by Cabinet, it will go to a special meeting of the full Council on March 22nd.

If the Council approves the draft Plan, it will announce a formal Publication Date, following which will be a 6 week period during which interested parties will be able to make Representations to the Council as to whether or not  [1]the plan been prepared in accordance with all legal and procedural requirements and [2] it meets the prescribed tests of soundness (ie: is the plan positively prepared; justified; effective; and consistent with national policy?). 

Because of the coming borough elections in May, the 6 weeks period will not be until “Summer 2022”. Thereafter, the timetable contained in the document issued on March 8th envisages that EBC, after processing Representations received, will submit the draft Plan to the Planning Inspectorate in “Autumn 2022” for its Examination to take place in “Winter 2022”. The timetable does not envisage Adoption of the Plan, however, until “Summer 2023”.
Claygate Parish Council will hold a public meeting as soon as practicable to hear your views and inform you as to the detail of the [lengthy] process which will ensue. The Parish Council has engaged a planning consultant to advise it and intends to be represented at the Examination in Public. A full history of this ongoing issue can be found on the home page of our website.